Clara Sbraccia

With a 2:1 (Hons) in Journalism at the University of Westminster and a one-year experience as a blog contributor and social media manager at Photographer London, I have a deep knowledge of online writing and social media.
Previous work in positions that required me to communicate with others have provided me with skills such as team work and working to deadlines. My Italian schooling has also given me experience to work well independently and the flexibility to work in new environments.

Breathing new life into a dying craft - third year final project

Italy is internationally acclaimed for its rich history, beautiful architecture, heritage art and, of course, food. But when we fashionistas think of Italy, there’s one more thing that springs to mind, leaving everything else bland in its wake: Italian fashion. The whole fashion world stares in awe whenever Italian leather products are involved. What they don’t know is that the craftsmanship which makes a “Made in Italy” product a high quality product may be disappearing.